doughnuts are better than tattoos

Driving home in the car with doughnuts for breakfast while the rest of the family was at home still asleep.

“Emmett, guess what I’m going to do today? Get a tattoo!”
“You mean one that doesn’t come off?”
“That’s right.”
“I wish I could get that kind of tattoo.”
“Well, you’ll have to wait until you’re older, sorry bud.”
“Oh. Well at least we got DOUGHNUTS!! And doughnuts are better than tattoos because you can EAAAAAT THEEEM!!”

I don’t usually check my watch

Driving in the car.

Sylvie says, “I think I go to bed at about ten o clock.”
“Oh really?”
“Yes, but I don’t usually check my watch before I go to sleep so I’m not exactly sure. What time do I go to bed?”
“You go to sleep between eight and nine o clock.”

Counting quietly in the back seat to herself…

“Mom, do you mean ten o clock?”
“No, Sylvie I mean between eight and nine o clock.”
“MOM! There IS NO number between eight and nine! I just counted and I didn’t even hear a number!

Me laughing. “That’t right, theres no number but there is an entire hour in between the o clocks, do you understand?

“No. I don’t. I guess sometimes you’re just to little to understand these things.”

New Bedroom

We have been putting Malin to sleep in Sylvie’s room alone for the last few nights. Sylvie has been sleeping in Emmett’s room on Malin’s “big girl bed”.

We are hoping that Malin stays asleep longer because night weaning wasn’t helping anyone get any extra sleep. Last night she slept from 8pm – 3:30am


Your Royal Majesty

Sylvie was walking around with a cardboard box on her head calling it a crown. She was being very pompous; she let know that we could call her your royal majesty. She wore her crown to dinner. She wasn’t being to careful with her fried eggs and her hair was dangerously close to to yolks. Emmett said to her,

Your Royal Majesty, you’re going to get egg juice in your hair.


Sylvie asked me what we do with dead peoples bodies when they die. I decided to stick with burials and cemeteries because cremation just sounds terrifying. She didn’t seem to understand my description of a cemetery fully; luckily we drove past one a few days later.

Me: Look Sylvie that’s cemetery, see the stones? That’s how you know who was buried there.

Her: *skeptical face* So, there are dead bodies under the ground. *squints at cemetery* Ok, and there are lots of flowers too.

Me: Yes! The family and people who loved them come to the cemetery to s…

Her: Steal them?

Me: WHAT? No! Why would someone steal a dead body Sylvie?

Her: *shrugs, looking out window* I dunno. To eat them?

Me: Oh my goodness Sylvie! Would you eat a dead persons body!?

Her: Well, no. I don’t think that I would. But sometimes people eat dead animals bodies.

Then we had to have a discussion about the reasons to choose a vegetarian diet and how cannibalism is generally frowned upon.